Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

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Often, AI is narrowly portrayed as futuristic robots who are hell-bent on destroying mankind as we know it. So first and foremost, let’s debunk the myth of Artificial Intelligence being Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator.

AI has a wide spectrum of existence, ranging from speech and facial recognition to autonomous weapons. Today, we have what is known as “weak AI”, which entails simple things such as Google’s search algorithm.

The long term goal would be to create AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence. Weak/Narrow AI can outperform humans on very specific tasks (ex: driving cars), whereas AGI would hypothetically outperform humans in every aspect.

While AGI might sound daunting, AI research safety is in place to prevent any potential negative externalities that may occur, and we should not let any fear-mongering of advanced technology hinder our expedition towards steady progress.

Here are some of the benefits of AI that mainstream media doesn’t present:

Reduced Costs

Machine learning has allowed us to explore how to automate simple, tedious tasks to reduce both implicit and explicit costs.

It would be best summarized as an antidote to repetitive and mundane tasks.

Automation reduces the dreary workload in our lives, and opens up space to partake in intellectually stimulating activities. Humans are not best served by simple, easy-to-do tasks; this is where machine learning comes in handy.

By automating laborious jobs, corporations can repurpose their staff to engage in more mind-expanding work. This shift in abilities presents the biggest opportunity to expand creativity and innovation while optimizing costs for corporations.

Increasing Efficiency

Let’s take Sage AI for example. Our company’s software is an advanced form of customer service which eliminates the inefficiency and drudgery that can be brought on by customer support. By implementing an interactive chatbot to the websites of companies, users can now ask questions and receive answers on the spot, at any time. They aren’t replacing jobs, simply adding value and productivity to them.

The headline of robots stealing human jobs and taking over humanity as we know it are at the forefront of AI-based news. This panic-inducing idea is fiction rather than fact. Artificial Intelligence will incrementally evolve the job market, and boost our economy to maximize productivity and brain power. Michael Lieberman, PwC, believes, “The unparalleled combination of human and machine will become the new normal in the workforce of the future.”

It is human nature to fear the unknown, but contrary to popular beliefs, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. It emboldens it, and expands the database of knowledge it contains, demystifying the world one question at a time.

Once we overcome the fear of the unknown, we begin to understand how AI can solve meaningful problems, and look at longstanding issues from angles we could not. This brings potential to not only further advance our civilization, but understand and decode complex social issues.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence would elevate mankind, and if history is any factor at all, we’ve seen the progression and positive impact new technologies have brought about, and we know that history does indeed repeat itself.

Where does this leave us?

Although we have not yet grasped the reaches of AGI, startups like Sage AI are working on solving problems pertinent to today’s societal and economic conditions.

CEO of Sage AI, Tom Lev, spends a lot of time thinking about Artificial Intelligence and its upcoming impact on humanity. We believe our software is a pure creation to augment the way we work to make it universally beneficial for all involved parties. The chatbot works instantaneously, around the clock to prevent team members from engaging in repetitive, menial tasks such as answering simple, logistical questions, and it optimizes accessibility to relevant information to customers.

Sage AI embodies the benefits of Artificial Intelligence that were discussed previously, and should definitely be on your list of “Companies to watch."